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Originally Posted by DeepJedi View Post
I've never seen it before. Why did you like it so much? What was the object?
You know - I haven't played it for such a long time, I think I've forgotten

I think the aim was to escape the planet, rescue your friends and retrieve the ship's engine from a complete madman.

If you read the review given to it by Gary Penn of Amiga Power, you might get a clearer understanding of what there is to love.

Me? I liked to soar through the air, dodge bullets (Which were sometimes my own.) and the wonderful physics engine made the experience that more believable. The game was also, in my mind, a challenge worth taking on. I relished the complexity of the puzzles and the sense of achievement felt when they were finally conquered - it gets you thinking outside of the box. Your reactions are tested and so is your mind. It's a very complete and rather challenging game - it took me 6 months to get my head around it and finish. So, in my view, they just don't make games like that any more*.

I believe someone is in the process of remaking it too, which is heartening.

*I'm a crotchety, old gamer in the making, me
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