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Post Games that are better/worse on the Sega MegaDrive.

since several weeks I play Sega Mega Drive games, after finally getting working emulator with Joypad support on my AmigaOne - DGen. I played mostly the Sega exclusive games Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3, but after completed them I switched to known titles from the Amiga. I played Turrican to the end, but didn't like it much on the MegaDrive. It's terribly hard, next to impossible to play at some leves. May be the gamers whined about the Turrican being too easy on the Amiga so they made it very hard on the Sega Mega Drive. Also I like the colors more on the Amiga.

Universal Soldier on the Mega Drive which is the Turrican II in disguise is much more playable.

After completing Turrican I now play Addams Family. To my surprise it is much better on the Sega Mega Drive than on the Amiga - there are background graphics, which are omitted on the Amiga version. The hints are scrolled, while on the Amiga are simply displayed. Also there are weapons on the Sega Mega Drive, which spice the gameplay and make it somewhat easier, but still interesting.

Shadow of The Beast - from memory - on the Mega Drive it is much easier, but I didn't like the music there.

Alladin - On the Amiga it had much better intro music, while the rest is the same on the Amiga 1200.

Is any other Amiga gamer finding Amiga game titles better (or worse) on the Mega Drive, than on the Amiga?

Many people are comparing C64/Amiga games, but I think because the Sega had much closer capabilities to the Amiga, it is more fair to compare Amiga, Atari ST and Sega Mega Drive games (They all come from middle 1980ies era and have 68000 CPU).

Which makes me wonder, why they made Alladin A1200 only, but not for A500. And no Atari version. Probably because of the too many sprites, which the FAT AGNUS could hardly handle without the help of raw CPU power. But it was possible on the Falcon.

P.S. I am not entirely new to this forum (I have 1 unregistered post before)
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