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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Try here for all your Amiga PORNO Demos/Games/Slideshows the lot
isnt that the site where this thread is for?

i have some "PD-Disks" sold by Mallander here in Germany years ago
Porno Puzzle (Iff2Pcs using some sexy pics)
XPoker (Poker Game with Porno Animations behind a curtain, goes up when u win)
P004 Super Pornos 17Disks
P004 Erotik Dreams AGA 3Disks
P005 Erotik Dreams 10Disks
P006 Erotik Dreams plus 15Disks
P007 Porno Animations Super 8Disks
(as far as i have seen the picture disks are mixes from different sources like Bodean, Killroy, Strip Poker pics etc. and the videos are from Bodean disks too as it seems)

if anyone needs anything for his friends just tell me
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