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>"Faktory>replaced file>still wb screen"
I don't understand : execute file directly from CLI or a shell on A1200/4000 HD. type "faktory.exe". why WB screen ?? it's not a disk
or add some Fast mem if demo don't start

> Smoke Bomb : A1200 with HD, 2 Mb chip, 8 Mb Fast. executed from CLI or WB.

>"Freedom>first screen ''darkage'' and then?"
you seems doesn't have the same WinUae. Try with more than 2 Mb (same thing for Galaxy)

>"Nexus7>replaced file>still stock with this spiral gfx,when press lmb then back to WB"
strange. I start disk with a simple A1200 2 Mb Chip. (what Uae is it ??)
try adding Fast mem

>"I have added Speed(4 disks) by Sim prod>not working 100%,what config you use?exact please"
I use quickstart A500 config.
what is not working 100% ? this demo have a strange disk swapping. when drive stop loading at track #78,76,31 (disk1,2,3), don't wait!, change disk in DF0:
This demo need a HD installer...(not many courage for now, perhaps one day...or someone ?)

the configs I use principally, with the last WinUae 1.5.3 :
quickstart A500, A600, A1200
and some variations:
A1200 : Fast Ram 2 Mb, 4 Mb, 8 Mb
A4000 : 68030/40 + Fast Ram and/or Z3 Fast
A500 with real Fast Ram

I posted Artifice/TRSI
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