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At 14yrs old I went to a place called 'Jacks Amusements'. Loads of arcade machines and girls, Yep! I said GIRLS!

I'm not sure what I was more interested in at the time, but the girls were always asking for money to play games, the good thing about that was, usually I was already midway through Defender, Pengo, Plaedes or Galaxians etc, and they would help themselves in my pockets for the money Obviously I would direct them to the pocket that had no money in first Great eh!

Alas the place went stupid, 'cause it was not that big, and the owner brought in a full size Snooker table and removed loads of arcade machines, the best ones too

So me 'n' my chums left in disgust and never returned. They lost business and shortly after closed with a massive loss and loads of debt

Don't know what it is now but the last time I passed, in 2002, it was 'Nobles Amusements' (slot machines not arcade games) but I think this has closed too, due to lack of business.
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