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Originally posted by fiath
Isn't stuff like:

Adobe Premier
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Director

..more akin to things like CanDo, Scala etc?

Flash and Director have "Lingo" as a programming language if you need to use it (you don't have to)... I generally assumed this was the "next generation" of multimedia authoring tools...

Or were you really thinking about high-level programming solutions... (which Flash and Director certainly fall into too anyway on the Lingo side).

Anyway, obviously this is Windows stuff and I guess changes are fairly slim there was an ex-Amiga talent working on them... But you never know!
Yes Director would be on the list. Is the current Director fro the same programmers on the Amiga that did The Director from Right Answers Group? Authorware 6 which is like a higher end version of Director would also make the cut. Flash would be a good MovieSetter replacement which was not brought up. But Premier is a cheap mans Video Toaster and is not worthy. The PC version of Scala would make the list though, it is very good even for a Windows app. Scala the company is loaded with ex-Amiga and Commodore talent.

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