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He found it at the zoo..
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I grew up in Hervey Bay in Qld where we had 2 major opposing machine purveyors - the local 4-Square convenience store which had Double Dragon, and a machine with both SMB and Rygar, and Haddow's Fun Parlour where my brother and I probably spent at least $20 a week back in the 80's. Considering most games only cost 20 or 40 cents to play it was a lot of game time! Always huge queues for Double Dragon and SMB, the parlour had some great old pinball machines like Firepower and it also had pne of those 30m long slot-car tracks with 8 cars running at the same time. Of course they never all ran at the same time because their power board wasn't set up to handle the wattage! Then came Mini Golf which introduced Op Wolf (God I loved that game) and the full sit-down version of Star Wars. Aaah, good times, good times...
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