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can you post an updated version of the Non working list, please ?

many DMS files from amigascne are corrupted.

I also noticed that some demos "works" but it's not good version :
- Mental Hangover : the stencil vectors are missing from the DMS disk from amigascne. A good version is on BTTR.
- Masterpieces/Kefrens : bad version exist. 1 picture (executable file) crash.
- Hardwired/Silents : version with corrupted toilet animation ^^

some demos need patched version for uae like Voyage/Razor1911 or Rampage/TEK.

about the demo "Speed/Sim production" : all versions on the net are on 3 disks, but there is a 4th disk needed if you want to see the real last part else you get only a long part of random pixels (see on Pouet :

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