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Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post

I don't recall the "fixes" list included the reset issue.

I'm thinking the same as you, I don't really want to install the update unless it fixes this reset issue, the update process doesn't seem to be 100% troublefree, & I'm still waiting to see this "emergency reflash" adf image appear.
Everything else works fine for me with the 1.1 firmware and if it ain't broke.............

TBH I'm a little disapointed by IC with their lack of support or advice with their own product, from fitting issues or firmware fixes.

It's stopped me purchasing another unit at the moment.

i know you said "little disappointed" but i really do not agree with you on this...when my vga output was unstable, IC quickly answered me with the proper fix to this (connecting ground to amiga ground)...they've been very reactive at first with almost weekly updates to the firmware and i'm sure they will come up before the end of the year with a fix for this!

they're among the very fews that support amiga community commercially with new designs very much needed!! i really thank them for that! and hope they will provide us with other hardware delights! (a cheap a1200 mobo 100% compatible with direct vga output in a tiny box!!! with 10h battery life!)

thanks anyway for the confirmation that this bug is not fixed!
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