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A lot of these games have much worse problems that graphics. Simplistic graphics doesn't equal bad graphics. You might as well add Star Wars. And some of them were just the victim of the transition from 8bit to 16 graphics.

Also, Leisure Suit Larry didn't look bad, nor did any of the Sierra games, apart from the later VGA ports. Police Quest 3 and Space Quest IV were particularly bad ports, as if they just used a painting program and changed the number of colours from 256 to 32 in one button press. LSL5 actually looked quite decent, I think.

Anyway, like I said, a lot of the games just had bad gameplay. Also, if gameplay is good, then graphics are usually acceptable as well. Gravity Force was brought up, but I just don't see what was wrong with it. Even Brataccas would've been acceptable had the game played well enough.
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