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Sanity... is for the weak (from some Chaos units in Dawn of war if I remember correctly).

Castlevania. Well, if you like frustration try the first games (those on NES or the arcade game Haunted Castle): stiff controls, boucing protagonist when hit (get hit by an enemy and be thrown in another enemy or in a pit...) and of course:
medusa heads
These are flying enemies flying in a wavy pattern, so a bit hard to avoid or attack.
They usually appear in numbers in a level called the clock tower, which mainly consists of small in width but long in height rooms.
So going through one room is frustrating most of the time. I.e. get to the top of the room, be hit by a medusa head appearing just before you reach the point where you would change screen, fall aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way down and sometimes get hit by other medusa heads in the process, curse the medusa heads, try to go to the top again....

The 3D Castlevanias on N64 also had the great idea of having some intense platforming parts, with a not that good at all camera system.

While OTing on movies, would you happen to have watched that movie: ?

Reading the description I found that promising
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