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Retro Arcade experiences?

Searching through this forum I noticed it was a few months since anyone mentioned Shinobi in any form and being as I'm new here I don't know if this has been discussed (I bet it has somewhere) but did anyone else play Shinobi in the arcades when it first came out? Were home computers and games consoles even available then?

I know that for a long time the arcade games were the only place to get the complete video-gaming experience and that I loved Shinobi, especially for its flawlessly crisp error detection and smooth movement; when I got to play it on the Amiga I was so disappointed at it - so clunky and rough. The responsiveness of the controls in the arcade, the speed of the ninja, the 'sweet' sound really made me feel like I was that super-warrior.

I played this until I became one of 'those guys' around whom loads of others would gather to watch - one of the experts who could go a long way on just 10p! I was only young so I can be forgiven for getting a feeling of 'cool' at knowing how to get through those stacked and spinning statue 'heads' without losing a life. (God knows how much I spent on learning how to complete it in the end!)

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