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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Oh, actually this is purpose.
It actually looks quite good with a very small but readable font here on the DOS console.
I thought (!) that it's better to have the volume names on the right than mingled with the other text rattling down the screen in multi-file batch mode ... but maybe that was a wrong thought...
On an 80 column console it means the text wraps. Maybe you could shift it to the left by 10 or 15 to avoid the wrapping?

[Edit] Disregard that, it was the screen program that had resized my putty window.

Originally Posted by andreas View Post
On Cygwin here, your makefile only works if LiteUnzip directory is found!
Otherwise I get an infinite loop, which - on Cygwin - was bloody hard to interrupt, if not to say, by hacking CTRL-C like a madman.
I'm pretty busy today, because my old arsehole of a lodger is moving out (thank god, he has been nought but trouble since he moved in) and my mates son is moving in.

I have downloaded the new sources and will have a look in cygwin if I get the chance. I will try and get a linux machine up and running as well so that I get the makefile working there. The bsd make is a little different from gnu make and I would rather avoid any gnuisms so that there is no need to install the gmake port to build on bsd. I should be able to get a universal makefile happening though.

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