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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Hi Guys I have found these glasses in amongst my dads stuff.

Does anyone know how I can try them on a modern system, or more interestingly on the Amiga??

My friend Yorkie has something very similar to these shuter glasses, and they work quite well indeed, I think i nearly crapped myself playing C&C renagade!!!

then there VietCon as well... that was a moment... the dude came outa the bushes and then out of the damn monitor at me... fucker!!! still Mr MA80 made light work of his initiall assult.

shutter glasses work on a blanking frequency and from this fool the eyes by shuting / blanking them really fast independently pretty cool in my book... it may work on the amiga, how you would go plumbing it i dont know... you could use a variable sync method but thats a bit of work there my friend. may need some reading.
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