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I don't think you have
Oh yes I have! For I have found out that my macros were not touched at all and also know why I always got zeroes when fetching long words ... so I got the cause of the problem, that's why I said "I figured it out".

Originally Posted by OddbOd View Post
Your syntax is wrong, read the cpp docs for correct usage.
Thanks, but none the wiser, as also with the #error-text in " " it does not work here. Strange...

The problem is your endianness checking, BIG_ENDIAN and LITTLE_ENDIAN are not check values for you to run comparisons against, that is what BYTE_ORDER (from endian.h) is for.
Hold on. I do know about BYTE_ORDER, but this is *NIX-only. That's why it works on Windows.

This code should point you in the right direction.
Yes, this could help a lot.
Thanks so far.

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