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Full Contact was a great yie-ar-kung-fu clone, with superb graphics. One of my first Amiga games, actually... absolutely loved it.

But the fighting game I played the most against my friends (tournaments and all), was Shadow Fighter AGA. Fantastic game, and I loved using the 14 year old little fella. He was extremely agile and fun to play with. Particularly fun to play against the huge dark-skinned guy.

Today though, Fightin' Spirit is the best of the Street Fighter clones. At least when played with a CD32 pad. Didn't like a lot of the characters though. Still, I voted Panza Kickboxing, 'cause it's the best game of it's type so far, and having a Panza Kickboxing remake with the Fight Night 3 engine would be like a dream come true. Why are there basically no realistic fighting sims these days? Where you can't break your opponents neck/back/arm and still have him fighting normally? I want another Panza.
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