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Here is the revised patchset. The zipfile contains a directory named bsd that goes in the root directory of the source tree. It contains a configure script that will create a backup of the original makefile and replace it with my one and patch the source files. It also copies a makefile into the src directory. The main makefile compiles liteunzip and then does make in the src dir which compiles adfchk against the library. The clean target returns the source to it's original state bar the patched files. The original unpatched source files are in the source dir as file.orig

EDIT: patchset removed. No longer valid.

Everything seems to be working fine except for the following problems:

When I scan the Turrican II source [89BC0C2A] that was in the zone recently, it can scan the unzipped adf fine. However when I scan a zipped copy I get the following error

free(): error: free_pages: pointer to wrong page

On windows it just gives an 'Invalid Amiga Disk File' error. Could one of the linux people test this? I will compile with debugging symbols later and see if I can trace the problem.

When I scan 'X-Copy Professional & Cyclone v10.3 (1992)(Cachet).zip' [7272F8A9]

It tells me the zipped copy is a non-bootable NDOS disk immediately, while with the unzipped copy it reads the sectors successfully but then tells me the same thing when I choose option 4. On windows with the zipped version, I get a message saying it is a bootable disk immediately and with the unzipped version it scans the sectors correctly and then option 4 tells me that it is a bootable disk.

The processing volume text is shifted all the way to the right when scanning disks as the following screenshot shows. This happens on both nix and windows.

Click image for larger version

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I will run some more images through it later and report any problems.
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