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Originally Posted by paulcan View Post
My questions are these, firstly a mate of mine had a disk (back in 1989) as soon as you put it in, it booted and instantly gave you a switch screen with the choice of 512k or 1mb then you could boot a 512k game on a machine with 1mb without having to take you extra ram out of the bottom trapdoor! Can anyone remember the name of this disk or the company/coverdisk etc.. who made it???
What your friend had was most likely a utility booter that disabled fast memory leaving an A500 with only it's built-in 512k of Chip RAM enabled, unfortunately this will not have the same effect on an A500+ due to differences in the amount of on-board RAM and the location of trapdoor memory in the Amiga's address space.
Originally Posted by paulcan View Post
Secondly will relokick work on a 500+ to load older games?
For the vast majority of titles, yes it will, but some very old games will refuse to work on a A500+ no matter what you do due to poor programming practices.
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