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Thanks for the patches haps, they're cygwin friendly as well

The reason I hadn't posted back is because the program simply doesn't work on anything other than Windows and so far I haven't had time to figure out why. All I can say at this point is the ADF is read into the buffer correctly (tested it by writing the buffer back to disk) but after that everything goes wrong. I should have time tomorrow to have a better look at what's going on.

CHECKING DISK:          'Workbench v1.3 rev 34.20 (1988)(Commodore)(A500-A2000)(Dk)(Disk 1 of 2)(Workbench).adf'

PATH TO FILE:           '.\ (current directory)'


AMIGA DOS VOLUME NAME:  <not available> (illegal length - NDOS disk?)
Found no address greater than 0x00000000 to jump in the boot program - this disk is not bootable.

Neither a valid BAM key nor valid BAM data found on disk.
This disk appears to be a non-bootable NDOS disk, probably a data disk.


This disk is OK - there were no errors found!
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