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And to you: thanks for the FEEDBACK! Compared to the "riot" when I first released my app, it seems to have been bit quiet in here since then.
Whatever, here's 0.1.3!

- supports block types (file list, header, user directory, formatted, unknown...)
- standard type recognition works now (FFS + INTL/NO INTL, DIRCACHE etc.)
- FFS detection support (it makes no sense to check FFS disks for "checksum errors", since FFS does not use checksums for data blocks)
- fixed lots of misdetections and phony reports of "checksum errors"
- stricmp() replacement for Linux users (now uses strcasecmp())
- LiteUnzip.h in its own folder seems to have confused tools used on Linux to build the app - now in src/
- lots of minor tweaks, code cleanups and fixes.


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