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World of Commodore

On December 6, 2008 the Toronto PET User's Group (one of the oldest Commodore computer clubs around) will be celebrating its 29th birthday by hosting the World of Commodore for the 5th consecutive year. In years past the show has mostly focused on Commodore 8 bit computers but Amiga users are always welcome and I'm going to ensure that there's a greater Amiga presence this year.

The original World of Commodore shows were hosted in Toronto by Commodore themselves and after the release of the Amiga the shows were renamed to the "World of Commodore/Amiga". I'm hoping that with a greater turnout of Amiga fans we can recreate some of that excitement and hopefully next year Amiga will be formally added to the name of the show.

Last year about 100 people turned out and it looks like this year we'll have even more visitors so please join us! For more information about the event check out the website:

World of Commodore

Hope to see you there.
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