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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
LOL @ thread. But I seem to agree with you all.

-Gods. Yes it was hyped a lot but I got bored rather quickly with it. Graphics was top notch tough.
-Desert strike. Boring slow game
-Super frog. Boring overrated (even to this day) kiddie game
-Jaguar XJ. Somethings messed up with this one, I enjoyed Lotus 1 and 2 but this was crap
-Lotus 3. Something is wrong with this one to, got boring quite fast
-Shadow of the beast. I was not even impressed by the graphics, worst game ever!
-Alien Breed 1. Yes I actually finished this one back in the day, but I have to agree -Even I felt its PD likish roots back in the day.
-Alien Breed: Tower assault. Whats the point in making a game that is impossibly hard?
-Lemmings. Boooooring kiddie game.
-Turrican 2. Somewhere after the second level all interest in this strange mix of SMB/Metroid is lost.
-Pinball dreams. Can not understand how this become a smash hit, it is not a lot of fun to play and is easely the worst pinball game on the Amiga.
Humour me.. What games did you enjoy!
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