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My favourite joystick is the Quickshot-II and it's microswitch models.
I had about 3 of them in use, I think ( now have about 10 of them which came with all the computers I collect )
They lasted for about half a year, and after that the small metal plates inside broke. But that didn't stop me, and since I didn't have enough money to buy a new joystick every half of a year I replaced the metals by ones I took off from old batteries ! Oh, yes, that were the times
When I got my Amiga in about '90 ( had a C64 since '84 ) I also got a Quickshot-II-Turbo and a Quickshot-II-Plus. ( these are the microswitch models ) These were also great joysticks - even better than the normal Quickshot-II, but I couldn't repair them as easily.

Besides, also the Quickshot-Professional was very good.

On the PC I use a Logitech Thunderpad for playing PC games, and I use a Quickshot Python V whenever I test some games in an emulator ( for regular playing I use my real Amiga & Quickshot anyway )
The Quickshot Python V is a great thing because it looks exactly like the Quickshot Professional, but is in white and has a PC connector It is the only digital joystick I have for the PC ( the pad is no stick ), and it is GREAT for every emulator game, because I hate that PCish analogue sticks where you have to push kilometers in each direction
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