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i'm discovering this thread

saying that speedball 2 sucks is an heresy !!!
this game is so fun and so playable, speedball 2 have nice graphics and a good sound design. The playability is perfect, and nervous.
And playing this game with a friend was terrific !!!!! i play with again at this time

I can't say that any team17 or psygnosis games sucks. no, i can't
i'm an amiga user since 1991 and i remember that psygnosis, bitmap bros, & team17 where the magical words in my young brain.

okay, some games (shadow of the beast especially) where just beautiful with bad playability, but i was so happy to see that the a 500 was superior than the others

For me, superfrog is perfect, i don't understand why this game sucks !!

i love agony, his graphics and sounds, i love playing with,
much respect for the great teams who gave us those great games

16 32 or 256 colors were not the most important point of a good game
for me, a game is good when my eyes, my ears and my brains says together :

"rhhaaa lovely"

PS: indeed, chaos engine 2 is a bad game, a bad sequel !

sorry for my bad english

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