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It's the ST fault :)

Had the Atari ST 32 colors instead of 16 the Bros would have made games in 32 colors instead of 16.
Xenon2, Gods, Cadaver, Magic Pockets, Chaos Engine ECS use only 16 colors (and even then the graphics are impressive).

Team17/Psygnosis made the effort of creating games with 32 colors and then downscale them to 16 colors for the ST (check youtube for SOTB Amiga vs ST you'll see for yourself)

Same thing for the scrolling. It's not smooth because they use standard programming methods and not Amiga-specific scrolling routines.

Another reason is that Gods & MP use walking characters who move 2 by 2 pixels: to follow the character you cannot scroll 1 by 1 pixel (I had the same problem when remaking Gods). Team 17 Superfrog character seems to "fly" so does Assassin guy so it's easier to make a smoother scrolling that follows the main character and does not make you puke

Shame on the Bros for the color stuff. When they created PC versions they even had 256 colors to their disposal and still stuck to 16 colors (but without the copper effects so it's even worse).

Shame on the others for the (relative) boredom of their games. I still prefer Bitmap Bros games, even if I played & enjoy a lot of Team 17 & Psygnosis games (Lemmings, Alien Breed series, Body Blows series, Superfrog, SOTB 3). I still love all of their games (except Chaos Engine 2 which sucked!!)

BTW Gods had decent in-game music in all versions but ST/Amiga. PC version plays in-game music through the Roland MT32 soundcard. Try with DosBox you'll see (I could not believe it) while Sega & SNES versions have the same John Foxx tunes in the background.

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