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Originally Posted by DeepJedi View Post
Hope these are 'interesting thoughts' on harcore gaming.
Well, I entitled the thread 'interesting thoughts' because reading those made me think back on many things I did, like/disliked/cannot stand today, wondered about in my years of gaming.

I think Project-X deserve to be in the 'a winner is you category' and could even deserves its own 'hey, we know you can't finish our game without losing a life' category.
See this thread for details

Regarding your self imposed challenge in SFIIT, I believe Capcom acknowledged that kind of behaviour from their players since in some games you need to win with special conditions to fight some specific opponents (to fight Byakko/Rain in Star Gladiator, you need to win the two first matches with perfects and have special finishes) or even to get the 'real' ending (in Rival schools finish the two rounds against the boss Raizo with 'burning vigor attacks' to get to fight THE REAL BOSS Hyo).

Now we have FAQs and all that but in the days (mid/end 1990s) good luck finding that by yourself.
And good luck also achieving it when the CPU keeps blocking right when you want to land the correct super move...

Funnily, while I didn't think of it when I started this thread, now that I think of it, I really liked that UFO/X-com included a real 'game over' sequence. No simple 'game over' but a nice illustration of what humanity becomes and a decent amount of text.
You probably won't read/watch that screen more than once after you have seen it, but it added a nice touch to the immersion feeling of the game.

More thoughts later... especially if some other people join the discussion.
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