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Originally Posted by bLAZER View Post
Don't know how the code looks, but if you have a long on 4 bytes you calculate the value either with
Is this some sort of crazy Euro-math?

The real way to do it in decimal is 16^6*255+16^4*37+16^2*45+16^0*82 which I think is expressed in VB notation as &HFF252D52. At a guess I would say you are currently holding the bootblock in a byte array and trying to convert to an array of ULongs so you can proceed with checksum calculation.

VB.Net confuses the hell out of me with it's mess of datatype aliases and .Net intrinsics, I can only wish the best of luck with getting this to work.
Originally Posted by andreas View Post
I really do think that Laurent Clevy sometimes only explains for die-hard coders in tech drivel, but misses to explain important parts.
You mean like how the bitmap flag is a supposedly a ULONG but with a note next to it that says -1 means VALID
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