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I think it's just to subjective... what makes a game 'overrated' or 'crap' could be different things to different people. And I'll bet when half the games listed in this thread were released, the same people on this thread were thinking "Wow, that's fantastic..."

Look at the restrictions (compared to today) that the Amiga was faced with. For a start, most popular games were released on 720K disks. Today's blockbusters need DVD capacity just to install and even then many need you to keep the disk in just to play.

The great thing about almost EVERY Amiga game was just how far the programmers could push the capability of the machine at the time. The intro to IK+ for example - how cinematic did that look? And System 3 managed to fit that and the entire game onto 1 floppy.

On the flip side of that look at Beneath A Steel Sky. Fantastic game, very exciting, moody, background music all the way through (again very cinema-like)... but 15 FLOPPIES? I never had a HD for my Miggy until 1992, but still insisted on swapping the disks over because the game was great in my opinion...

And that's all these replies will ever be. Opinion. Great games will stand on their own always, but even with the benefit of hindsight, let's not forget that 'hype' is how advertisers work. People buy steam mops and long-handled dusters from TV ads because they hype them into a 'must have', which I'm sure was also used (and still is) for games. Has anyone played the Need for Speed series - IT'S ALL CAR-RACING although the later they get the better they look, has the game improved? Isn't that what the hype is about? It's almost propaganda (in the literal sense, information which must be diseminated) to the point of overcoming the player's objection to poor gameplay/repetitiveness (which a lot of games suffer) because the hype starts 'the LATEST in the ever growing...' In other words "Don't miss this or you won't have the complete series/latest graphics/newest blah blah."

Anyway that's my rant, I'm going to pour mysef another molotov cocktail...
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