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PD Music Disk Collection Now Available

Any fans of the PD music disk scene might like to check out the FTP (Music Disks folder)

I decided to upload my private stash of PD music disks.
There is quite a diverse range of music such as techno, chip tunes, pop, metal, classical and even one of bagpipe music!

There's about 300 disks, all of them are for use on a Kickstart 1.3 machine. There may be some rarities in there!

1 thing though, my collection wasn't named properly so I have been through them and have loaded up each one to check what it was (this took me about 6 hours). If however any of these are missing their second disk - let me know and I will endeavour to find and upload it.

I have a shed load of games / utils / etc. so I may be going through them and uploading to the FTP soon.

If anyone has ANY PD requests let me know and I will see if I have it because my collection runs to about 5 gigs.

@ HungryHorace - before you ask mate - no I don't have 'Horace Takes A Trip'. (I know you have been searching for it for years)
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