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On self-imposed challenge I think I'm hard to beat i.e. you'll have to go far to be more insane than I must be! Baldur's Gate 2 SOA/TOB on the PC, solo play, without dying or buying magical items, using exploits, cheats, etc. (still not completed it but I have got through much of TOB i.e. fight with M.....n).

Streetfighter 2 Turbo on the SNES, beat game on level 8 without losing a round and at least 1 perfect victory/opponent; the attempt was to win with a double perfect against every opponent; I managed this vs. all but M.Bison but then my console broke and I've never fixed it! My fighter of choice for this, by the way, was....Blanka!

Hope these are 'interesting thoughts' on harcore gaming.
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