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512k or 1mb disk switch

Hello again people,

Got a 500+ and gvp a500-hd8+ the other day off a friend cool piece of kit, always wanted on many moons ago but would have had to killed somebody to be able to afford it!
Anyway... been messing around with the 500+ and just as I remembered,
it doesn't love games as much as the 500 with kickstart 1.2/1.3.

My questions are these, firstly a mate of mine had a disk (back in 1989) as soon as you put it in, it booted and instantly gave you a switch screen with the choice of 512k or 1mb then you could boot a 512k game on a machine with 1mb without having to take you extra ram out of the bottom trapdoor! Can anyone remember the name of this disk or the company/coverdisk etc.. who made it???

Secondly will relokick work on a 500+ to load older games?

I know I can use whdload to put some on hard disk but i'm slowly building up my skills to that point, unless someone has some idiot proof instructions on how to use whdload so even I can understand them!!

Thanks in advance for your time!
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