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I'd just like to report that I've had the Amiga version of one of my favourite games - 'Another World' - running on my SCPH-75003 Slimline PS2 tonight, courtesy of the PS2Amiga CD image on RS.

The disk boots to the Kickstart 1.3 splash screen. Press the controller's 'Start' button, and you are presented with the UAE configuration panel. (The UAE emulator version is 0.8.25-20040302.)

Four floppy drives are emulated, an ECS chipset, sound, and a mouse and joypad (or two joypads). CPU speed, mouse speed and frame skip are adjustable, and sound can be enabled or disabled.

Selections are made with the controller's Directional buttons and X button.

The 'Another World' game comes on two disks, which may be assigned to floppies 1 and 2.

Navigate to cdfs:\JEUX, and the disk images are arranged in subdirectories JEUX_A, JEUX_B, JEUX_C, etc.

I found that Maximum CPU speed, Sound on, Frame skip 2 (default) and Mouse speed 5 (maximum) gives very satisfactory performance.

When your'e happy with your choices, select RESET, the AmigaDOS 1.3 CLI appears briefly and then the game begins.

The bundled games are zipped ADF images of original Amiga game disks (no cracked versions here), so a code wheel is needed to start the 'Another World' game (it's a good job I had mine handy!).

The intro to this game played just as if I'd had it running on the Amiga. I certainly wouldn't call this emulation slow. The PS2 is an advanced console, so there's no reason why it shouldn't make a good, fast platform for a port of the UAE. When the gameplay started it responded well to the controls (once I'd figured out which button did what).

I didn't get as far as finding out how the keyboard is emulated to select the level entry codes, but at least I've now had it running and know that it works.

Really, if you can't get this working on your console, or if you don't even have a PS2, it might still be worth the download for all the game disks.

[Edit] The Amiga keyboard is emulated with the controller R2 Button, using the Left and Right Directional Buttons to select a key. Press the key with the Up Directional Button.

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