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Thanks a lot for your work!
Well, thanks for reporting that stricmp() does not exist (I had no idea), so I will simply hack an #ifdef in and this should do the trick.

Could you please add a switch that will force interactive mode when -f is used, the hardcoded name makes it quite tedious to test different ADFs.
Hmm, originally -f was designed to only have one file, but indeed, I could add another option for batch mode and default to menu mode. This will require me to rewrite the ENTIRE command-line parser, though. Ugh.
But sorry, no WILDCARD support for now if you thought of that! Functions reading Windows directories is still something I have to delve into.

Another preliminary solution on your Linux OS could be a shell script. Since you contributed the Makefile for me, the shell script is, of course, higher on the TODO list now.

BTW: I've also seen that you moved the LiteUnzip.h from zipsupp/ into the main directory.
I'd actually liked to keep them separate (as it's not my code) but would this cause problems when MAKE'ing the app? Well, I think you must have had a reason why you moved it, obviously ...

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