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Andrew - yes I've noticed this a few years back when my newer cruisers broke but my original kept on going!

Below is a post I wrote a few months back on the subject:

There is a reason why the earlier joystick models last longer than the newer ones.

The first ever Cruiser multicoloured joystick I bought (with the batman pack) still works 100% fine even today after hundreds of hours of abuse. As do many of my older joysticks I bought before this.

Several I purchased at a later date (including more cruiser models) seemed to break much more easily.

For example, the newer cruisers would last 6 months before a microswitch would give out luckily still under warranty.

"Why?" I thought, so I opened them up.

To my surprise ALL the "solid" earlier models had METAL microswitches installed.
The later "frail" attempts had cheap plastic microswitches.

The plastic microswitches may have been cheaper, but with the amount of returns and high failure rate they can't of been a sound choice. Yet still they used them. Oh well.

It was part of this thread

THEY DON'T MAKE EM LIKE THEY USE TO is most definitely a true saying.
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