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Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
As much as I appreciate it being there to snoop around in what Peter programmed... this program alone will not help you at all. Factor 5 used modded NEC drives (made by Jens Schoenfeld, Aachen, Germany - he does currently produce and sell retro hardware like the Catweasel floppy controller) which did spin the disk at a lower speed. You will not be able to write longtracks with any standard Amiga. Looking from that perspective, the Turrican games where never actually "protected". They just over-formatted the discs so they would not need a second one, also causing pirate copies to come on two disks.

I can assure you Factor 5 didn't just rely on their MFM system to protect the game, all Turrican games have checksums in them, that is protection.
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