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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
bsdsocket.library is created in memory when you run MiamiDx. If SMB connect does not find it, you either didn't run MiamiDx first, or something else is wrong. Perhaps not enough memory ? MiamiDx alone eats up about 2MB of memory. So if you don't have a memory expansion, you are lost at this point.

Ahhh! Understood. SMB-Handler must be mounted AFTER MiamiDX is initiated. I learn something new EVERYDAY!!

Could be another indication of not enough memory: it cannot even assemble its error message. Or a memory overlay occurred. Perhaps the stack size is too small ?
I have a M1230 card with 64 Megs so I think I am OK there. That being said, what should be stack size be? Right now I think it is 4096.

BTW, is my startup line OK? It currently reads:


Is my PC pathname too long perhaps? I have also tried U=EDWARD and P=1234 which is required to logon to my PC LGMOBLIE without success. Am I required by SMB Handler to use U=GUEST even though the PC I am connecting to requires different username/password?

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