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ADFCHK - Amiga Disk File Checker (for ADOS disks)

Hi everybody,

finally it's FINISHED! Or better: the first USABLE version is completed.

This is a small tool I've written thoughout the last few weeks (mainly) - started somewhere in 2007 though - and I'm happy to make it available to everybody.

You can check for checksum errors on blocks with ADFs, detect LAMER viruses on block ("boot-Lamer" is in the works) and more. You will also not get bogus "Checksum error!!" alarm with blocks marked as "free" in the bitmap. The invalid checksum will be noted in the log, but won't appear in capitals.

Note: LiteUnzip.dll must also be in path where the executable is!

I have not yet tested the app on Linux, but I think I provided everything (also the LiteUnzip.lib) with which you should be able to build my app on Linux. Feedback on this is greatly appreciated.

In 99.9% of cases, you will want to use the tool in BATCH mode, because menu mode is still very limited, not even speaking of the absence of a GUI. But well, that's just why version numbers have been kept deliberately low (v0.x.y-RCi)
For batch mode operation, three VERY nifty complex .BAT files (which took me days to debug and write) are included, which can start a HUGE scanning process for thousands of files. I've scanned 4,000 files today in one run with a hell of subdirectories, and no problems occurred!

OK - so enjoy it, and I hope you can make some use of it!
I have one huge aim: my tool should make it possible to figure out THOUSANDS of ADOS images in TOSEC which have undiscovered checksum errors! This might prevent frustration among gamers who gave everything to reach level 9 then it crashes!

Source is provided - however, you should only download it if you're a developer or want to build the app on linux! The rest (using Windows) will be happy with the binary release!


[edit] Please see this new thread for the new branch (0.2.X)

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