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The ultimate test of a controller? For me, Sensi. No need to shorten their life by smashing them up; the sheer amount of use they got (still get) ensured a steady turnover. The quest for the ultimate Sensi controller led me and my buds to try pretty much all of the ones mentioned so far in this thread. That elusive combination of comfort and endurance...

Most impressed by: Cruiser, Competition Pro Extra (diddy little thing), MegaDrive pads/Comp Pro CD32 Pad. Pads seem to last longer than sticks - less mechanical movement, I guess.

@sarek2k: It is possible to play Sensi with pads! Took ages to bring control with my left hand up to the standard of my right, but they are pretty similar these days. Why are pads left-handed, anyhow?

Least impressed by: Tac-2. Maybe I got a duff one, but that sucker fell apart on day one. As did the Konix Speedking.
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