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Networking A1200 How To Setup Network With SMB Connect

Hi All,

Being a real estate broker in Canada now is rather gloomy but it has afforded me with more time to rekindle my affair with my Amiga!

Anyways, I have a working MiamiDX stack on my A1200 which is connected to a router. The router is connected to a cable modem and another PC. I can ping from the Amiga to PC, PC to Amiga and can use iBrowse on Amiga with success!

However, I am not having success with file sharing (i.e. I want to see my PC on my A1200). Reading another post from Thomas, I have learnt that my best solution is to either use SMB Connect or SMBFS.

I have decided to use SMB Connect.

First, when I mount SMB-Handler, i get a warning box: KS2.0+ and BsdSocket V3.0+ required but I am able to click OK to dismiss the warning. Does this mean that I am missing the file BSDSocket or is the warning just a reminder?

Second I get another warning when I start MiamiDX: Unable to connect to host. Not enough "\\". I am thinking it has to do with my C= argument in the SMB mountfile:


Is my PC pathname too long perhaps? I have also tried U=EDWARD and P=1234 which is required to logon to my PC LGMOBLIE without success. What am I overlooking?

Regards....ed ;-)
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