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Hi Vortex, and wellcome to EAB.
If you want some stuff for remembering amiga programming like books or programs, just make us know.. If that stuff still not for sale at stores we can upload it to the zone or MagixFTP. From some time I´m collecting Amiga programming books and programs..


Amongst things, I made a client server Video Editor. Edits are stored on a central DB, so you can watch/edit the same timeline on multiple clients at trhe same time. yeah!. [quote]

It´s funny, my job as systems manager in a TV station consists in managing a system with multiple video servers with the characteristics you described, where every video that income to our station it´s uploaded to that servers for posterior editing and emission to air/cable. The system is from Omnibus (automation) and the servers from Quantel.
Maybe you work to one of this enterprises
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