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Originally Posted by StevenJGore View Post
No, you need to make it resident using a tool such as (for Blizzard boards) Blizkick or LoadModule, or (for Apollo boards) RemApollo.

IIRC, the BB2 ROM update is made up of 9 components. These can be split into seperate files using a tool that comes with RemApollo, I'm sure there must be others. You can then load these updates into memory seperately, replacing any of the components with your own as required.

For example, I use RemApollo to replace the shell and ram-handler modules with updated versions from Aminet (later than BB2), but keeping all the others as they come in BB2. Using this method, you can also replace exec.library with (for example) Piru's exec.library.

Cool thanks Steve, this is the kind of thing I want to do with mine. I'll have to looking into setting up Blizkick
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