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Hi Everybody,

Just thought I'd say hello and introduce myself.
Not sure this would be the right place, but with a forum named Coders Heaven, resistance is futile...

A month or so ago I was working late solving a problem. My wife (I work at home ), saw me scribbling down some words on a piece of paper (accompanied by a bunch of silly drawing of course!). Amongst all my notes she read: "Scoopex" (no Idea why I wrote that down). WTF is that she asked? After I explained it to her I just googled for Scoopex and a bunch of other demo scene related words. Even found some of my own stuff on the net. Great fun.
Quite soon I found this forum and I spent quite some time as a guest on this forum and I was really surprised so many people still enjoy good old Amiga (be it the real thing or using an emulator).
I've been thinking of buying an A500 machine again just for fun and see if I can do some assembler coding again (my original Amiga got fried somewhere in '91 ).

As far as demo groups go. I started my own group but was quickly invited to join a group called Doom. Next I met Arjen (can't remember his nickname) of the Royal Amiga Force and together with a GFX guy (Falcon) and a musician (Clodhopper-dog, how can I forget that name ) I (we) started TDC of RAF. Eventually ended up in a very well know group, but got kicked out again just as fast because of inactivity, the fried A500 and most likely because I was just not good enough a coder lol. Should have payed more attention in mathematics class I guess. I think my home made 3D engine (vector lines and balls) wasn't the quickest (more likely the slowest).

Sadly, I have absolutely zero stuff left from that period. Lost the books, all the code and all tools 'n' stuff I collected... Really a shame. I think I dumped it all in the trash when I moved.

Nowadays I'm still programming ( C, previously using Code Warrior, now with XCode). Working for a great company that makes cross platform (mac/win) Playout Automation and Production Software (client server stuff). Amongst things, I made a client server Video Editor. Edits are stored on a central DB, so you can watch/edit the same timeline on multiple clients at trhe same time. yeah!.

That's it for now. Again, great to see so many people still enthusiastic about the Amiga. A wonderful trip down memory lane...
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