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Is there any portuguese Amigans with programming experience?

I'm thinking of getting actively back to the Amiga World this Christmas (I'll probably get a Sam440ep). My targets will be primarily AmigaOS 4.1, then maybe AROS (it should run on the Sam by then and porting should be easy).

I read something about Hyperion having Java in their plans somewhere... let's hope it's sooner than later. For example, I have a very nice multiplatform, client-server domotics system (with iPhone control and all) in the works that I'd love to have working on AmigaOS.

I've done some joking around back then, but my language/platform portfolio has grown enormously since then (C, C++, ObjC, Java, Ruby, Blitz, ...).

Maybe we could even persuade Mark Sibly to port BlitzMax to the Amiga (oh the irony...)?

Have fun!
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