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Originally Posted by xpect View Post
No Qun Mang, the lot was not from "better" to "worst". They were mixed intentionally to make the guessing more difficult.

The Sb2 is an 8 bit card with 44.1Khz capability.
Sigh- misinterpreted again. I never said anywhere I expected them to be in order. I did say I thought the lst was the worst, as did someone else who also said the second was the "better" Soundblaster. Amigaz said that the poster had something with that guess which means #4, which in fact was the SB16, was the worse Soundblaster card. Looking up Soundblaster in Wikipedia, I have confirmed that the SBPro 2 is indeed an 8-bit card as you said, and the SB16 was the next model up, adding 16-bit digital audio sampling.

Looking back again, I can see I was in error myself. 5h00n4y had said the second was the better SB or the GUS. Amigaz was clearly referring to the GUS then when he said 5h00n4y was on to something. So as it turns out the last one wasn't the worst one after all. I definitely can't be mistaken for an audiophile then if I couldn't even figure out which one was the worst.
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