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Originally Posted by Qun Mang View Post
I downloaded them and listened to the Dreams tunes. I could make out differences but I am not audiophile enough to hazard much more than a random guess. I think the last one is the SBPro as it sounds a bit worse than the others, but that's about it.
Couldn't make out any differences?

What speakers/headphones do you have?

Originally Posted by keropi View Post
I have not heared the tracks yet, but I am sure u used GUS on pc amigo!
Of course, no stinkin' emulators in my know it

Originally Posted by coze View Post
1 - Gus
2 - Sb Pro 2
3 - Amigaz
4 - Sb 16
Almost right

3/4 are correct

Originally Posted by Stefan Lindberg View Post
I'm guessing the following for Pinball Fantasies:
1 - Amiga
2 - Gus
3 - SB16
4 - SB2
I'm sorry but not one right guess there...

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