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Sorry for the ultra long delay but I definitely can't say no to a girl who speaks italian.
More serioulsy, I have worked a little bit on SPb (the intro to be more precise) between others projects and I have also drawn 3 others maps. I noticed that I started very wrongly when creating the way the sprites detect the obstacles...I will not have the time to rewrite the routines so the aftermath is : it will take more time to design levels.

My real A1200 is out of order (the led makes the amiga crash...) and I really sucks regarding the hardware problems. I have to work under WinUAE, not a problem but the tests will not be complete (WinUAE is good but I don't think it would emulate 100% the hardware) and also AsmOne seems to crash often under the emulator (strange...really strange).
I met Ralph Le Gall (a very cool guy) and he gave me his A500 (Salut a toi RalpH si tu me lis...).

Expect the intro of the game being released before 2009 (I sware!).
There is still bugs under WinUAE that didn't appeared on the real thing...strange, anyway I'll release the intro.

I apologise for not coming often and never gave a pseudo diary but I am unable to make several things at same time (I know people who are able but I can't), I work during my spare time and I've lazyness tendencies regarding the forums and email reactions-behaviours.


P.S. : sry for my bad english hope you will understand me stilll.
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