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Originally Posted by tomcat666 View Post
Unfortunetly 99% of the people are generally greedy. They figure (and they are probably right) that since there are only 3 cabinets around and no ROM dump exists it will make it worth MUCH more then if the ROM dump was available and everyone would be able to play the game on the computer...
It does suck though Because of greediness we will probably never see or play this game.
This had been discussed several times at the old and and the story for this game apparently is a few of the original developers helped repair the Marbleman machines with the qualification that the rom images could never be given to be used in emulation. The owner of the machines we're told has contributed other games though, so he is not a greedy hoarder.

EDIT: I just fired up MAME (one of the recent releases) and tried Choplifter. The bootleg and unprotected sets both work fine. The bootleg skips the IC test so that might be the best choice for the impatient who don't want to have to wait to play. And yes, it is quite difficult, even after setting the dipswitch to easy. Or maybe I just need some practice.

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