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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
OT: The most ridiculous MAME affair is with Marble Madness II : Marble Man.
Only 3 people have working cabinets and the ROMs are nowhere to be found.
A MAME driver has allegedly been written but is not available. Do you think the guy who wrote the driver deleted the ROMs afterwards (because it's very unlikely that one of the owners has the skills to write a MAME driver, even if one of them is particularly good at electronics and could repair his board himself) ?
Such an hypocrisy... and this for a 1991 game noone could sell now...
Unfortunetly 99% of the people are generally greedy. They figure (and they are probably right) that since there are only 3 cabinets around and no ROM dump exists it will make it worth MUCH more then if the ROM dump was available and everyone would be able to play the game on the computer...
It does suck though Because of greediness we will probably never see or play this game.
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