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Minimig Game Compatibility Database Import Complete!

I have managed to import the wiki table into the Minimig Games Compatibility database over at . Now the list is easily edited, you can attach pictures to each record and best of the all the list is searchable and can be sorted by the various fields.

The data is a little rough as not everyone has filled in every field on the Open Circuits table, plus there is an extra field on the MGCD for the Minimig board revision/type.

If you want to add/update any entries with more accurate information then please do!

Thanks to Darrin, TheDaddy, Amazing, straycat and all those who spent time testing the games on the Minimig and adding their findings to the Open Circuits wiki. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Soon there will be a Minimig section on the site with downloads and tutorials (updating the PIC etc...) plus I've added Minimig sections to the forum area.
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