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Amiga 600 CF - IDE questions


I'm new & have been looking over the forum trying to find an answer to my question. But I got side tracked with all the posts so I'm not sure if this has already been covered.

I've got a stock Amiga 600HD and have pulled it apart and sprayed the casing, I've also started spraying keys... whilst its apart I figured it was a good time for any upgrades.

I've looked on Ebay from CF to IDE adapters and found only one that seemed specific to the amiga it comes with workbench already installed but looks like its going to cost around £30 for the kit.

I was wondering if any old CF to IDE would work as they seem bags cheaper, also how would the drive be seen and how would I install workbench? Whats the max size of the memory before i run into problems?

A bit of a newbie question but I've never done a re-install of workbench, plenty of PC experience but not alot with the Amiga.

Thanks in advance

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